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survey support


With extensive experience and state of the art equipment, OMSi offers a range of survey support services which can be tailored to your project. Whether you are looking to establish seabed conditions before installation or to verify the position and condition of the cable or pipeline during or after installation, we support projects with a cost-effective, integrated solution.

Our survey support services include, but are not limited to:

Vessel Positioning

We provide a selection of high accuracy surface vessel positioning spreads and precision subsea location services. Whether it be for general visual surveys or a full DP2 class vessel for boulder removal or cable lay operations, we can provide this support across the globe.

Touch Down Monitoring

OMSi offers advanced touchdown monitoring using the CableFish® tool. The device provides continuous visual and position monitoring of the cable touchdown during installation as well as a post-lay video showing absolute positioning & integrity of the product and can be operated in environments with strong tidal conditions. The CableFish® carriage runs on the subsea cable with the umbilical management system controlling the altitude of the device by paying out or taking in, on the umbilical.

Most touchdown monitoring systems in use today use ROVs or sonar or a combination of both. CableFish® offers a far more reliable and cost-effective alternative. It is safe and quick to deploy, requires reduced personnel to operate it and does not affect on the speed of cable lay.

Consulting and Data Support

OMSi can assist Clients with offshore data processing with a cost-effective, efficient solution for those who need short term, immediate assistance. Our in-house experts can provide many years of consultancy advice, from Multibeam data cleaning to cable route risk assessments and field operational support.