operations and maintenance support


We utilise our skills strategically to anticipate and mitigate the risks originating from the harsh marine environment. Our proactive, preventative approach to operations and maintenance (O&M) preserves and protects subsea assets, reducing the costly impact on equipment and personnel. We combine data analysis, physical inspections, strategic planning and assessments supported by in-house solutions to formulate a comprehensive O&M strategy.

Our operations and maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

Subsea & Topside Inspections

As well as a range of subsea geographical surveys, OMSi provides an overview of asset integrity to ensure subsea assets remain unaffected in changing subsea environmental conditions.

Asset Risk Assessment

We verify that assets are functioning correctly and are assessed for potential risk ensuring proportionate and compliant provision.

Remediation Plans

Our findings determine the remedial actions required and where necessary make recommendations on remediation plans.

Maintenance & Repair

Through managing and undertaking scheduled and unscheduled works, we provide recommendations to clients on retrofits that may improve operations or HSEQ and conduct such activities as agreed. When necessary, we conduct rope access works for structural inspections inclusive of weld NDT and other scheduled works such as painting campaigns.

Emergency Response Plans

We design detailed and reactive plans so that we are prepared to safely and efficiently respond to any emergencies, whilst maintaining system integrity, preventing further failures, and protecting functionality.

Support Facilities

We provide access to cable storage facilities to ensure easy access to projects in a timely manner and that they will be there when you need urgent response.


Our long-established partnerships allow us to provide a wide range of vessels for projects, including guard vessels.